Growing & Exploring In Florence

When first arriving to the city of Florence, Italy I was taken away by the architecture. Each building is unique and has that European flare. The city is flourishing with designer stores at every corner, so I love window shopping. My dream before I leave is to buy something at one of the stores; maybe in Gucci or Prada. As you walk along the streets you are hit with aromas of truffle and lemon sorbet. I love hearing all the different languages being spoken by everyone on the streets. I am starting to pick up some light Italian, so I am able to order and comprehend what they say back to me.

Walking Through the Gucci Garden

My new life compared to my old one back home is completely different. I went from living with my parents that do everything for me and having my own room, to sharing an apartment with five other students. I am now sharing a room, going grocery shopping, doing laundry, cooking, and walking everywhere. These are all new things I never had to do. I have grown to realize how many simple luxuries can be taken for granted.

The first culture shock I experienced was arriving at my apartment and realizing there was no dryer for your clothes; this meant I had to hang my clothes outside the window on a clothes line. Entering the grocery store I noticed how little of options they have compared to the stores back home. None of my favorite snacks were on the shelves. The weather here is very hot during the late summer months; highs of 90 degrees F. No air conditioner was an adjustment I was not so prepared for.

Made by me in Cooking Class

I started my classes at Lorenzo de Medici. Classes are once a week Monday through Wednesday and each class is two and half hours long. The length of class is very different when comparing it to a 50min class back home. Though classes are long we get a 10-20min break each class. The professors are very helpful when you have questions. My favorite class so far is Fashion Consumer Behavior.

Just like any new adventure there has been ups and downs as I go along my way. I would not dare to trade any of it. I am loving my new city and all my friends and I am excited for what is to come in the near future. I am truly feeling the impact of the opportunity I was offered. Just like anyone else would, I do get homesick from time to time. Having good friends to hang out with in those lonely times is all you need to step out of the rut. I just have to remember everyone here is in the same place as me and experiencing the same emotions. It is totally normal to miss the people you love, while also enjoying your short time away.


3 responses to “Growing & Exploring In Florence”

  1. What a beautiful blog. I hope you truly enjoy yourself and taken in all the beauty Italy has to offer. Stay safe of course and stay focused and I will see you real soon!

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  2. Such an amazing experience, so happy for you. Enjoy, be safe. Xox

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  3. Why am I crying lol …great read again

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