Adjusting Everyday

The more time I spend in my new city, the more I love it. Adjusting to the city life was a process, but well worth it. I am now jumping at every opportunity that comes my way. Everything is going better than expected for me and all my original worries have faded away. 

Since I have now been here for about a month, I have found some great places that I am becoming a regular at! Panini Toscani is my favorite place to get lunch. When it is your first time there, they allow you to taste test all the cheeses and meats so you can build your perfect sandwich. I get salami, cheese, arugula, sun-dried tomatoes, and peppers. Everything is fresh and cut right in front of you. I go there often, so the man that makes the paninis remembers my order now! The location of the shop is great too because it is close to my apartment, I just have to walk up the street. When I go there it makes me think of my dad, I think he would really like this place. 

My Panini

One adjustment my roommates and I had to make was to start cooking at home. Going out to eat three times a day was starting to become unpractical. In the beginning of the week, we meal prep a dinner for us all to eat together. I was able to make them all a recipe I learned in a cooking class. For breakfast and lunch, we usually just make simple things like eggs or a sandwich for lunch (pb&j’s are a staple). 

One thing that is different from home that I enjoy is the fashion. Italians are known for their amazing fashion sense. Everyone dresses nice to go everywhere; no sweatpants will be seen in a 9am class. It is fun to go shopping and pick out a new outfit every morning. I have been able to dress more like myself here. My friend Anika and I have similar styles, so we usually go shopping together. Sometimes we even buy the same stuff! We have been loving the Zara that has three floors. 

Though I am a great distance from home, it is comforting to know all my friends and family are wishing me the absolute best. Just like I am adjusting here, they are adjusting too to not having me around for a bit. It never feels like I am doing anything alone.

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