Yes, I Go To Class

Though sometimes through social media it may not seem like it, study abroad students, like me, do still attend class. Just like everything else in Italy is different, the classes are as well. I take five classes total while I am here just like I would a semester at home. My classes are Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Some of my friends do have classes on Thursday, but I was lucky and do not. No one has school on Fridays in Italy which is so amazing. Makes it a lot easier to plan out weekend trips!

The five classes I take are Fashion Consumer Behavior, Introduction to Fashion Industry, Foundations of Management, Retail Management, and Wine Business and Marketing. Each class is two and a half hours, once a week. I am an Operations Management and Sales major, so the classes I am taking here count as business and nonbusiness electives. This is great because when I go back home I will not be behind on any classes and can still graduate on time!

Class field trip to Gucci Museum

A really cool aspect about my classes are the range of students from all over the world. I have people in my classes from all over America, Mexico, Sweden, and more! You are able to hear about people’s different experiences and cultures. This is something you cannot really find back home.

The homework consists of mostly readings or small projects. With class being once a week, you definitely need to stay on task and keep up with your readings and homework. Since I do not have a class on Thursday I use that day to do all my work. I like to finish it all before Friday because most weekends I am traveling. It is really a privilege to have a four-day weekend every week I am here. I have been able to plan many life changing trips because of it. I have been to Cinque Terre, Bologna, Amalfi Coast, and Munich, Germany all in just one month of being here!

My friend & I in Capri for the weekend

Overall, my classes are going extremely well. All my professors are very nice and helpful. The few grades I have gotten so far have been good and I continue to head in that direction!

3 responses to “Yes, I Go To Class”

  1. What an awesome experience for you Miss Mabel. We all miss you and your beautiful voice. Hope you’ve learned some Italian songs to sing to us when you return .Xo 🎡 🎢 🎡

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  2. Michelle Garcia Avatar
    Michelle Garcia

    What a great read Mabel!!! Thanks for sharing your experience. I love to see it πŸ˜‰ I look forward to the next blog!!

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