Top Five Things to Do in Florence


Midinette is a small boutique I came across one day walking. It is owned by an Italian woman and all the clothes and shoes are made in Italy. Amazing clothing pieces if you love fashion. I got a pink lace dress and blue ballet kitten heels last time I went. The retail worker helped me pick out the colors of each item and helped me try them on. Overall, great experience in the shop. I would recommend it to anyone visiting the city.

The dress I bought there!

Hostaria il Desco

This is my favorite restaurant in Florence. It has amazing pastas, Florentine steaks, appetizers, and desserts! The staff is extremely nice and helpful. The menu is easy to read. I recommend this place to non-picky eaters because there are amazing flavors. Some of my favorite items on the menu are carpaccio di salmone as an appetizer, tagliolini with fresh truffle as a first course, for a second course you cannot go wrong with any meat that is on the menu, and for dessert the cheesecake ai frutti di bosco is a must have.

The truffle pasta🍝

Boboli Gardens

The Boboli Gardens are perfect when you want a little nature in the city. It has views over looking the whole city. It is enclosed, so you would not know it was in the middle of the city unless you went inside. Pretty sculptures and fountains. Pictures cannot do the garden justice. I visited for the first time with my family when they came to visit me, but I am positive I will be back there with my friends.

Garden Views


Space is the best place to go with my friends. It is so much fun and a great way to meet other people your age in the city. All the employees are incredible and super fun to hang out with. I have made so many new friends. It is super cool to meet other students that were born and raised in Florence. I brought my brother and cousin when they visited and they also loved it!


Living on a street with a view of the Duomo is unreal. The duomo is huge and the art put into the building is extraordinary. My favorite time to see the Duomo is later at night when all the tourists have left. I am able to really appreciate it at night. My friends and I are always in awe looking at the Duomo.

Duomo at night🌚

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  1. An amazing time visiting my mabelluv.

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